2NE1′s Park Bom: “We Are So Nervous..Don’t Play Games with Us”

2NE1′s Park Bom: “We Are So Nervous..Don’t Play Games with Us”

On July 5, 2NE1‘s Park Bom posted on Me2Day, “Our song just became available online T.T I’m with Dara right now… We are so nervous.. We all tried our best~~ *^_^* Everyone~ Don’t play games with us~” and uploaded a picture with the post.

The revealed picture shows Park Bom in a think horizontal striped t-shirt, looking into the camera. The distinctive facial features–sharp nose, big eyes, and narrow, oval face–instantly grab the viewer’s attention. Her facial expression seems nervous and yet, expecting something, successfully shows how an artist who just released a new song would feel in this one snapshot.

Netizens commented, “Your new song gave me goosebumps,” “Even my dad likes the song,” and “Just go to sleep~ when you wake up, there will be some good news waiting for you.” 2NE1 revealed new song “I Love You” on July 5. Currently, the song has taken over several major online music charts in Korea and debuted 2nd on iTunes Electronics chart, garnering much positive attention from overseas, as well.


 source  Soompi
Reuploaded by @2NE1_NEWYORK

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