[NEWS] 19-year-old Minzy gives off a sexy vibe of her own despite non-revealing clothes

Although popular girl group 2NE1′s 19-year-old maknae, Gong Minji, is wearing the least revealing clothes, her sexy charms exceeds that of her unnies. Her charm is increasingly appealing day by day.

Gong Minji, born in 1994, is now 19 years old. She is still a minor (in South Korea) but her alluring/sexy expression in the the images and a music video cut of 2NE1′s comeback teasers revealed recently has attracted people’s attention.

On the 4th through YG Entertainment’s Official Blog, Gong Minji’s music video teaser cut revealed a really glamorous sexy self. Gong Minji, without any revealing clothes, is wearing a leather jacket while lying on a bed. Her sensual stare and silhouette shows that you can be sexy even with non-revealing clothes.

Gong Minji’s sexy charisma is also shown in 2NE1′s single album ‘I Love You’ group teaser. The other members reveal perfect leg  lines wearing short clothes, but Gong Minji dons long trousers and even a jacket that covers her up completely. The comeback they announced as sexy seems to differ from its original meaning (of sexy) through 2NE1′s style, but with Gong Minji’s stare and facial expression, it looks like it will be indeed sexy.

A YG representative declared to OSEN, “Since Minji is still only 19, we try to avoid making her wear revealing clothes. But Minji  understands and knows how to assimilate the concept by herself so well that when she dances or poses, even without revealing herself, she can emphasize this feeling 100%”.

Before in a variety program where she performed waves (wave dance moves) and showed off her  flexibility, she said “When I dance, I often hear that it looks erotic”. (T/N: This was when she explained her nickname EroMinzy on Strong Heart)

In other news, 2NE1′s new song will be released on the 5th and are scheduled to make their comeback on Inkigayo on the 8th.

Also they will start their global tour of 7 countries and ten cities “ NEW EVOLUTION” starting with two days, the 28th and 29th, at Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Hall.

Source: Osen News
Translated by: EROMAKNAE  

Reuploaded by @2NE1_NEWYORK


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