ARTICLE] 2NE1′s Seductive Acting Shakes Male Fans’ Hearts

   2NE1‘s impressive acting in their latest MV has become a hot topic.

On the 7th in the afternoon YG officially released ‘‘I Love You” MV through YG-Life making it the official worldwide premiere of the MV. What caught many eyes was the new side 2NE1 showed.

All four members showed a mature, sophisticated image through their facial expressions as well as their sleek outfit/hair styling showing their sexyness all at once. They all pulled off the ”sexy” concept infact, very well which suprised many and we’re sure, they shook many male fans their hearts with this transformation.

Park Bom showed her ultimate sexy-ness, as she was seen in just a shirt, sitting on bed showing off her long doll-like legs which many thought was the highlight. Overall the members succesfully showed a new image, emphasizing the feminine image as a whole with their ”seductive” acting which was quite good.

2NE1 released ”I Love You” after a year with a new totally new sound as they mixed the genres trot and electronic, creating an ultimate new sound, loved by many. On the other hand 2NE1‘s ”I Love You” single which was released on the 5th, is doing quite well on the charts overall, showing the succes of their ”new sound”.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom

Reuploaded by @2NE1_NEWYORK


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