[INTERVIEW] 2NE1 on their ‘Love Ban’, comeback schedules & more

2NE1 makes their comeback. “We’ve always kept the idea of wanting to show Korea to the world in our minds. Therefore this idea has also been applied to our music, such as doing trot this time around,” they said. From left to right: Sandara Park, Gong Minji, CL, Park Bom Photo courtesy of YG Entertainment

2NE1 has made their comeback. They, who have always had unconventional music, performances etc, did not disappoint.They are the first group who has attempted to combine trot with electronic hip-hop with their title song, ‘I Love You’ and Sandara Park even tried ‘bansak’ (T/N: bansak = the undercut hairstyle).

▶ Sandara Park, “The love ban has ended but…”

The unnies (T/N: unnies = older sisters) of the team, Sandara Park and Park Bom heard some good news this year. The head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, is finally lifting their ‘Love Ban’. Sandara Park says, “The ‘Love Ban’ for Park Bom and I have been pulled. However, for the sake of self-management, we’re refraining from dating.” ” I don’t know if the men would approach me now that I’ve shaved half of my hair though..” she continues with a frown.

It must not have been an easy decision to make for a girl group member to attempt the unconventional ‘bansak’ hairstyle as it could cause damage to her love life. “It was CL’s recommendation and I shaved it during practice in the company. When the shaver first shaved my hair, I began to cry. I then understood how the men must feel when they go to the army,” she explains. It makes you wonder, why did CL suggest this to Dara?

“It was a style that I wanted (to do) but it was too strong. The prettiest member ought to do it; if it was me (who did it) it would have looked too strong,” CL explained with a laugh.

▶ The reason why they are only going on broadcasts once a week

2NE1 has continuously ran into troubles with a particular broadcasting company this promotion cycle. They will only be appearing on music programs once a week, which will be on SBS Inkigayo due to the issue of stage decorations. CEO Yang Hyun Suk explains, “Our artists need a lot of time to prepare the set-up for each stage that they do.” However it is a pity for the fans that would like to see more of the girls.

CL expressed her thoughts on this: “Truthfully, each time we prepare for one stage, because we try to ensure the highest quality in everything from choreography to costumes, we are unable to do that 3~4 times (T/N: as it would simply be too draining on them),” she explains.

▶ CL, “When we’re bored, end!”

Last year, with “Lonely”, “I Am the Best” etc, 2NE1 had 5 hits in a row with their title songs. 2NE1′s new song “I Love You” too has achieved #1 in various music charts and is extremely popular at the moment. Furthermore, starting with concerts on 28-29 July at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, they will be embarking on their world tour “New Evolution” that will stop by 7 countries and 10 cities. Some of the best staffs of this age such as Michael Jackson’s choreographer Travis Payne, Beyonce’s band leader Divinity Roxx will also be participating in this tour.

Such is the worldwide popularity of the ‘attention-grabbing’ 2NE1. However, until when can they stay together?

CL says, “When 2NE1′s music and style are not fresh anymore and when it makes you feel bored.. before that happens.. we’d like to leave (the music scene). When we no longer excite* people, I would not want to do music anymore.”

(T/N: *excite – also means something like ‘thought-provoking’, stimulate, challenge.)

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Translated by nyldeabcd@YGLadies.com

Reuploaded by @2NE1_NEWYORK


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