me2DAY] Dara: “The concert is getting close!”

투애니원 뉴에볼루션 콘서트팀 모두 합체!!! +.+ 여기 되게 좋탕..ㅎㅎㅎ 무대도 있고 조명도 있고 밴드도 있고~! 나중에 메이킹 보면 알겠지만은 작년보다 훨씬 업그레이드된 느낌이랄까!!! 정말 진화하는구만 ㅋㅋ 아.. 이제 실감이 더 난다..콘서트가 다가온다는것이!

Tag: 7월 28,29 6시 올림픽 체조경기장

The 2NE1 New Evolution Concert Team, gather up!!! +.+ It’s great here.. he he he the stage, the lighting and the band too~! Later when you guys watch the behind-the-scenes you’ll understand but I feel like it’s a huge upgrade from last year!!! I guess we’re really ‘evolving’ ke ke ke ah.. now it feels even more real.. the concert is getting close!

Tag: July 28th, 29th at 6PM at the Olympic Gymnasium

Source: Dara‘s me2Day

Translated by:

Reuploaded by @2NE1_NEWYORK


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