Michael Jackson′s Former Choreographer Agrees 2NE1 is Awesome

Travis Payne, former choreographer for the late Michael Jackson, had some high praise for 2NE1.

The staff of 2NE1’s New Evolution world tour, who talked in an interview video revealed on July 20 through the YG Life blog, showed they were completely taken with 2NE1 and its liveliness onstage.

2NE1 will kick off its world tour, which will course through 10 cities in seven countries across the world, with a concert to be held from July 28-29 in Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Two weeks before the Seoul concert, the group began preparing for the actual performance with the stage settings and band at KBS Sports World in Hwagok.

The staff, who sat down to talk in front of the camera about the tour, had great things to say about the girls and their attitudes.

Travis Payne, the stage director and choreographer who collaborated with the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Usher and Lady Gaga, said, “[2NE1 is] very, very nice, they’re prepared, very professional, very quick.”

Production designer Michael Cotton talked about the “energy, vitality and youthfulness” the group showed, while musical director and bassist Divinity Roxx, former leader of Beyonce’s tour band, said, “These beats are banging; [2NE1’s producer] Teddy did such an amazing job.”

The 2NE1 members themselves could be seen high-fiving the staff, actively conversing with them and seriously looking over their movements, proving what the staff had just said about them.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

source enews
Reuploaded by @2NE1_NEWYORK

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