NEWS] 2NE1 Makes a Triumphant “I Love You” Comeback to Mnet’s M Countdown Stage

After the recent 2nd stage on SBS Inkigayo on the 15th of July, time seemed to have flown by so quickly as Blackjacks were rewarded with yet again another epic stage of ‘I Love You’, this time on MNET’s M!Countdown!
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Last Thursday, as we all know, 2NE1 had to urgently cancel their appearance on M! Countdown then due to the passing of the late Gong Ok Jin (Minzy’s great-aunt). Fortunately though, they were finally able to make their appearance on MNET’s stage just a few hours ago! With this being their comeback stage on the show, 2NE1 as always, delivered their best. Moments before the broadcast, MCD gave fans a quick glimpse that really got everyone hyped:

This particular performance was in fact pre-recorded on the 12th of July and the fanaccounts released after the pre-recording had us all up in excitement waiting for this stage, especially with pab0sarang’s words of “The girls were all brightly smiling ! The stage will be beautiful!”. 

And the stage shown today was indeed spectacularly beautiful. The Kmedia even referred the stage to have a “dreamlike atmosphere” and the scarf dance once again captivated people’s attention. Quite a number of fans also noted howM!Countdown’s camera work was A LOT less shakier than Inkigayo’s performances, which many seemed to appreciate.

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2NE1 also won’t be 2NE1 if we don’t talk about at least their outfits eh? When the fanaccount reports came out saying that Park Sisters were wearing their dresses in the MV’s last scene, everyone was anticipating the stage even more. Why you ask? Because the dresses the Park Sisters donned in that scene, were, in layman’s term, smexylicious. With Dara’s back and Bom’sshoulders exposed, their legs showing and them looking simply gorgeous and sexy, just who wouldn’t be excited? Unfortunately though, Dara was donning black leggings in the performance, which is a huge pity. The maknaes also didn’t lose out in their outfits with CL bringing back memories of Fire outfits with the midriff-cut jacket (also grabbing our attentions with the bright red pants!) and Minzy looking smartly fierce in hers.

MNET also showed us snippets of the girls preparations and also interviewed them prior to their performance.

We were also relieved to see that maknae Minzy was looking fine during this performance. As said, this performance was recorded on the night of 12th July which was the day that her late great-aunt was cremated. The fanaccounts reported that Minzy was looking fine during the pre-recording, and we are glad that she seemed her normal self, getting her groove and fierceness out, albeit a bit of puffiness around her eyes.

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