{NEWS} 2NE1 Tops GAON’s Monthly Download and BGM Charts for July + 5th Week on Weekly Top 10

‘I Love You’ Spends a 5th Week in the Top 10



Another week gone by, another GAON error to deal with. Since DAs for last week were abnormally high and almost certainly the result of an error, I didn’t not update. But things are back to normal this week although total DA numbers are missing one week. Please take note of that. If and when DA numbers for last week are fixed I will update the total.
This week 2NE1 falls to #6 but considering this is their 5th week in the top 10 it is nothing to be upset over. Another 178,000 downloads brings the total to 1.7 million including last week’s or the equivalent to label-mate Tablo‘s song ‘Airbag‘ from 2011. Streams remain high as ‘I Love You‘ is #3, down one spot from last week but rakes in well over 2 million more streams and ‘I Love You’ maintains its #4 position on the Norebang chart. Rounding off the rankings, 2NE1′s single is #11 on both the BGM and Mobile weekly charts. Check out the full chart below.


On the monthly charts 2NE1 has done extremely well. The monthly DA chart also has incorrect numbers but all the others seem unaffected. On the Streaming chart ‘I Love You’ is #2 with 10,872,830 streams, not far behind the #1 song ‘Loving U‘ by Sistarwhich had 4 extra days. 2NE1 is #1 in downloads monthly with 1.5 million in July. ‘I Love You’ is also #1 on the monthly BGM chart, #8 on the Mobile chart and #29 on the Norebang chart.

As for first 4 week sales, since 2NE1′s 4th week is unknown all we can say for certain is that it was likely over $436,000 USD in revenue since this is their current total and it would stand that their previous week was higher in DAs than this week. With $436,000, ‘I Love You’ would be the #3 fastest selling (in terms of revenue generated) song of 2012 not including label-mate Psy‘s hugely successful ‘Gangnam Style‘ for which accurate number are also currently unavailable.


On this week’s Billboard K-pop Hot 100, ‘I Love You’ is also #6, keeping their position steady from last week. With Psy once again at #1, YG artists have now topped that chart 5 weeks in a row, ever since ‘I Love You’ was released. Hopefully the girls will continue to be consistent in the weeks to come!

You can check out the full Top 50 below:

Source: GAON & Billboard Korea

Article by: rukie@ygladies.com



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