FACEBOOK] Maybelline New York: Distribution of Special 2NE1 fans for New Japanese Single “I Love You”

The new mascara from Maybelline New York that you can easily use to make cat eyes, “Volume Express Magnum Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara”, is scheduled to be released in late August. There will be a collaboration with 2NE1’s new song, “I LOVE YOU” which will be on sale in a month! For more details on the upcoming single CLICK HERE.

Prior to the release of this new song, a special fan will be distributed this weekend at select areas!!

It’s a rare fan with a different (picture of) 2NE1 on either side ♪

Further details will be given later but please make sure to check out the designated areas this weekend!

Distribution of special 2NE1 fans
Distribution dates: 18th and 19th August 2012
Distribution venue: Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro


Source: MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Japan Facebook
Translation: Caz@CLtheBaddestFemale.com/aNono@ygladies.com


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