Fancam of Bom Having a Conversation With a Lucky Fan


팬: 언니아직 목소리 안나았죠?
봄: 다나았어요~
팬: 확실해요?
봄: LA에서 다나았어요~
Fan: Unnie, you haven’t got your voice back yet?
Bom: I’m all better now~
Fan: Are you sure?
Bom: I got better in LA~

(밖으로 나가는 봄)
(Bom goes outside)

봄: 아 ~ 더워
미국에서는 목이 막혔어. 그리구 마이크도 안좋았엉 ㅠㅠ
Bom: Ah~ it’s hot
I lost my voice in America. And the microphone wasn’t good ㅠㅠ

봄: 아우더웡…
Bom: Ah it’s hot…

봄: 아이고! 거길(오른쪽)찍지말고 여길(왼쪽을)찍으라구!
Bom: Aigoo! Don’t take pictures from that side (right side), take from this side (left side)!

( 팬이 편지를 전해주는데 봄이는 싸인해달라는줄알고 편지에 싸인하려고함)
(Fan was giving a letter to her but Bom was signing autographs so she signed the letter too)

팬: 그거 편지에요!
봄: 아 그래여? ㅋㅋㅋ
Fan: That’s a letter!
Bom: Oh, really? kekeke



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