Twitter/Photos: Kid Dara (@krungy21) is Afraid of Heights?

Dara: @mingkki21 This is when Chaerin and Minkki were singing while on those floating platforms and in the middle you cutely slide down jjooroo rook~ down the rods!!! Aren’t they so cute when they’re coming down??? ke ke I wanted to look cute for once too so I went up there!!! ^.^ Dara’s challenge!!! BBa Bam!!!

Dara: Man, I keep forgetting to post the picture TT Here it is~ Picture ke ke ke Challenge~~~ ^.^ (It’s not even bungee jumping… ke ke )

Dara: @mingkki21 Oh why is this so high??? TT.TT It’s strange…It didn’t seem that high…what to do…. 

Dara to Minzy: What should I do..? (In Busan dialect) Jump..? Don’t jump..??? I’m not jumping!!! TT.TT

Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @ygfan4life cr @ohdara


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