Twitter] Japanese celebrities attend 2NE1′s last NEWECON in Japan

2NE1のライブ行ってきたよ^^ with CL & DARA^^

“I went to 2NE1′s live ^^ with CL & DARA^^”

2NE1 LIVE 本当に最高なパフォーマンスと歌唱力に終始ノリノリ♪楽しかった♪帰りに挨拶をして帰りました♪

“2NE1 LIVE was really full of amazing performances with amazing singing abilities, making it super energetic from start to end♪It was fun♪I was able to greet them before I went home♪”


“Their singing and dancing was undoubtedly great but for their LIVE show, they practiced a lot, their stamina was amazing and their live performances were so powerful and strong. I really respect that aspect of them.”

Note: SELEN is a talent/model under Sony Music and Satou Kayo is fashion model/talent/actress.

Source: SELEN & Satou Kayo’s twitters
Translated by


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