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Music Choice Interview – “Primed: 2NE1″


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2NE1 Dara’s Comical Morning Exercise Photo “I Am the Best~”

2NE1 Dara’s Morning Exercise

Dara of girl group 2NE1 drew attention for her photos of her warm up dance.

Friday (October 26), Dara released a set of photos on her personal me2day page stating, “Do you remember ‘2NE1 TV’ that we filmed 3 years ago in the Philippines? I rode the jet ski all by myself in Subic. Once again, all alone. I added a new move into my morning warm up dance! Back then, I only did the dance for ‘Fire’ but now I have ‘I Am the Best’! Warm up exercise is a necessity before going into the water!”

 The photos she uploaded revealed Dara captured while she was doing the choreography for “Fire” and “I Am the Best” with an expressionless face. Dara’s seriousness created a comical theme in her photos and drew attention.

People in the online community who saw Dara’s photos responded with comments like, “Dara’s warm up exercise is hilarious”, “Dara is adorable no matter what she does even when her face expression is dead serioius” and “Dara is the Best.”


2NE1’s Sandara Introduces Famous Beer While on Vacation

On October 24, Sandara Park wrote on her me2day, “Everyone! I introduce to you most famous drink of the Philippines~ San Miguel beer~!! Ba bam! If you come to the Philippines, have a glass. Ah!!! But not if you’re understand. ^_^ keke. I didn’t drink either~ Because my face is underage…? And I say this!!! Kekekeke Sorry~ kekekeke~ Run away!!!”

She posted a picture of herself holding a tall tank of San Miguel beer.
Also in the Philippines, G-Dragon posted on his instagram a picture of himself drinking from the same tank. He later removed the picture.

Photo Credit: Sandara Park’s me2day

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2NE1’s Dara Attends Big Bang’s Concert in Manila




Dara of popular girl group 2NE1 attended Big Bang‘s Alive Tour concert in Manila recently., supporting her fellow YG Entertainment labelmates.

She showed up to Big Bang’s concert in a yellow vest along with Big Bang’s official lightstick.

Dara lived in the Philippines in the past, and had a very promising career as an actress before leaving the Philippines to become a singer in Korea.

Dara will sometimes tweet in Tagalog, the nation language of the Philippines, to  ensure her Filipino fans that she will always have a place in her heart for them.

Somehow, Dara found time to visit Manila to watch Big Bang’s concert within her busy schedule of performing her own world tour, the New Evolution World Tour, with her group, 2NE1.

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