VIDEO] Minzy tweets out a video of her doing a Dance Solo practice!

Original Minzy uploaded version:

아니네..나오네^^“@21_ren:갑자기오랜만에 옛날 찍었던동영상보다가 ㅋㅋ 놀자콘서트 솔로댄스연습했던 (하지만비공개가된^^;) 영상발견…하지만 영상찍은카메라를 찍은거라 ㅠㅠ영상과음질이 매우… 눈물임…“”

 Nevermind.. It’s coming out^^ “@21_ren: Was randomly watching a previously recorded clip keke Found the one of my solo dance performance at Nolza concert (which was not released^^;)… but it’s a recording of the camcorder that originally recorded it ㅠㅠ So the quality is very…tears… ”

NOTE: Minzy actually tweeted out the first tweet first with a yfrog video link which didn’t work, so she deleted it. Then she uploaded the video onto Twitvid, and thinking that it wasn’t working either, deleted that tweet too. Then, she tweeted out that she was going to just upload the video the next day (She even used the term ‘OTL’ in her tweet keke) before she realised that the Twitvid video was indeed working, so she deleted this OTL tweet of her. Then finally, she retweeted this fan @21_ren who had retweeted her second tweet ^^ Haha Mingkki ♥ 

Source: Minzy’s Twitter
Translated by: big_seunghyun@EROMAKNAE


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