2NE1 and Taeyang to Release New Songs in November


It seems Big Bang‘s Taeyang and the girls of 2NE1 will be returning to the music scene in November!

According to information revealed to ‘Star News’ by YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk, Taeyang and 2NE1 are both set to release new projects next month.

“Although 2NE1 was originally scheduled to release a new album in October, due to their world tour, it is most likely at the moment that they will be releasing new material in November instead,” Yang Hyun Suk stated. “For the time being, we have scheduled for 2NE1 to record this month… You’ll be able to meet new songs overflowing with 2NE1′s unique style this coming November.”

On Taeyang’s solo comeback, he commented, “For Taeyang’s case, he was originally going to to release a solo album this past summer with G-Dragon and start promotions… He worked with American producers and had completed the new album. However, he, as well as I, were both not completely satisfied and thus decided not to release it at the time.”

“Taeyang is currently reworking on the solo album and may be able to release a new song as a single first in November… I’m a fan of Taeyang myself, so I am highly anticipating the stage for his new solo song,” he said, and wrapped up by adding, “In October, YG’s Epik High as well as Lee Hi (Lee Ha Yi) will also reveal new songs… As we’re also expecting 2NE1 and Taeyang promotions on top of all that, we are already looking forward to enjoying the end of the year with fans.”

Credit: allkpop


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