Park Bom Reveals Her Cellist Sister In Kim Nam-gil’s ‘Ensemble’




박봄, 미모의 친언니 공개…김남길 영화 '앙상블' 출연 :: 네이버 뉴스

 of  has revealed her cellist sister in Kim Nam-gil’s ‘’.

Park Bom, on her me2day on 12th, posted a picture with the caption “My sister is a cellist!!! And… She was in the PIFF you know. Apparently she filmed a movie without my knowledge~~ What a considerate sister I am… The movie’s name is ‘Ensemble’… It’s not out yet, but I’m looking forward to it. At the far right, there’s gorgeous Mr. Kim Nam-gil”.

“Lastly, the red carpet event of PIFF!!! She said she was unworthy of going up there and she was taken aback!! And she couldn’t actually go there because of some matters!!! I’m posting these pictures that I took for her. What a bad sister I am, didn’t knowing that my sister filmed a movie because of my schedules. I’m sorry, sis~~”.

Miss Park Go-eun, Park Bom’s sister, is posing with violinist Kwon Hyuk-joo and producer Kim Nam-gil of the movie ‘Ensemble’. In another picture, the group photo of the cast of ‘Ensemble’, Park Bom has written ‘My Sis♥’ over her sister.

Netizens have commented, “she is really pretty”, “she is outstanding in her beauty”, “I’ll never miss this movie!”, “I’m sure she would have understood it, you being so busy and all”, “both of you are doing so well”.

Credit: koreandrama  via @WeLoveBom


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