Fanaccount of A Lucky Fan Having a Convo with Bom at Incheon Airport (Back from Japan)



NOKIOV: What do you think about this photo? It’s pretty right?”

BOM: Um~~Aren’t there prettier ones than this?!

With Audio

( 앞에 팬들이 갑자기 멈춰섬)
(fans suddenly stop in front of Bom)

봄: 아아어머 왠일이니!
Bom: Oooh! What is this!

(팬이 선물을 건네줌)
(a fan hands her a gift)

봄: 감사합니당~
Bom: Thank you~~

팬1: 봄이언니 이사진 어때요? 마음에 들어요?
Fan1: Bom unnie, do you like this picture? Do you like it~?

봄: 어흠~~ 더이쁜게 있을텐데!
Bom: Hmm..I’m pretty sure there’s lots of prettier pictures!

팬1: 많아요 ㅎㅎ
Fan1: Yes there are!

봄: 구래용 ?
Bom: Oh really?

팬1: 어떤사진 원해요?!
Fan1: What picture do you want?

봄: 어떻게 말로 표현하지?
Bom: How should I explain it?

팬1: 응? (현장에서 못알아들음 ..ㅎㅎ)
Fan1: Huh?

봄: 예뿐것!
Bom: A pretty one!

(매니저 없이 봄만 혼자 걸어감)
(Bom walks without her manager)

팬1: 언니 매니저 어디갔어요~
Fan1: Unnie where’s your manager~

봄: 매니저 ~~
Bom: (calls) Manager~~~

봄은 싸인중..
(Bom is signing)

팬2: 고마워요 ~
Fan2: Thank you~~

봄: 네 ~
Bom: Sure~

팬1: 언니 이거 해줄시간( 싸인해줄 시간) 있어요?
Fan1: Unnie do you have time to sign this?

봄: (차안에) 들어가서 해줄께용~
Bom: I’ll do it inside (the car)~


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