[★Style Photo] Park Bom – Hyomin – IU Missing ”Bottoms” Airport Fashion




Singers IU, T-ARA’s Hyomin and 2NE1′s Park Bom have become a hot topic due to their recent airport appearance.

The girls left for Japan with their groups for ”K-Pop Collection in Okinawa” and many couldn’t leave their eyes from them as their fashion was definetly ”eye-catching”. Missing ”bottoms” is the main part of their fashion as all three are wearing shorts matched with black legging, black seethrough stockings and sexy garterbelted stockings.

IU showed off cute airport fashion with unique cute patterned sweater and adorable knitted hat matched with black studded boots ephasizing the feeling of a tough female yet cute adding much sense to her look.

T-ARA’s Hyomin wore a dark sky-blue-ish top matched with black shorts & stockings emphasizing her sexy legs. With a big black scarf added and a huge bag, Hyomin showed sense in both practicality and style to catch.

Lastly ”living barbie-doll” 2NE1′s Park Bom showed a rather sexy look with a grey trenchcoat, a black t-shirt and shorts completed with sexy garterbelted stockings revealing a sensual side many liked. With her bright blonde-ish hair, pink lips and fashionable sunglasses, Park Bom showed off a new charm many we’re mesmerized by.

Source: CityDaily

FULL CREDITS!Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


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